E-commerce Blog Post

There are so many ways now to monetize your blogs or websites. One of my favorites and I feel easiest is Affiliate programs which can be extremely lucrative to top earners, and one of the great perks is that there are affiliate programs available in just about any industry or niche you can imagine.  You can sign up to promote specific products by joining the affiliate program of particular companies or websites, but large networks also represent a huge number of companies and products.  Affiliate networks make it a little bit easier to manage because you can get all of your links and stats in one place, plus payouts for all programs within the network will be combined. Companies like Amazon, Clickbank, Clickbooth and etc offer affiliated programs.  Also f you sell your own products, adding an affiliate program is an effective way to increase sales exponentially. You’ll allow others to promote your products in exchange for a commission on any sales that they refer.

There are other options like selling advertisements to your website but I feel like to many ads can gear your clients elsewhere because it can be kind of annoying.  Contextual Advertisement is less chaotic because its less visual meaning placing the ads within the content of your pages.  This option is best if you create lots of focused content and writing on your blog.

These are just a few way to monetize your website. When you google the subject its amazing how many ways you can find. Personally I feel that every option you must have full dedication to. I personally do not plan on monetizing my blog. I currently use my blog to speak about my products but use other applications such as vinted.com, ebay.com and poshmark.com to sell my items.

WordPress Plugins for E-commerce

WooCommerce – The leading free WordPress plugin for e-commerce. You can purchase option add-ons from their store to add specific functionality.
WP e-Commerce – Another popular free WordPress plugin with premium add-ons available.


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