Video Games



I’m passionate about a game called madden NFL mostly because of my husband he always play it on his free time at home and I enjoy watching the game. I’m not a huge fan of sports since I do not understand much but watching it on a game console actually is kind of enjoyable. The game is played on the Xbox 360 by a remote control and it’s just like the game on television but controlled by the person playing the game and the computer. The game looks so real like if you are actually watching a real live game on ESPN. Its amazing what technology is capable of doing in todays gaming world.maddennfl13-02

The impact of “Madden” the game can be seen through its sales: as many as 2 million copies in a single week, 85 million copies since the game’s inception and more than $3 billion in total revenue. Grown men stand in line for hours for its midnight release. The Madden game is a 22-year-old pop culture phenomenon.